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Chicharon Pork Rinds

Our Products

In 1999, Porkie’s Chicharon launched it’s Original Chicharon recipe that we are notoriously known for today. Since then, we have developed multiple varieties of our classic product, and expanded our product line to provide you with even more exciting experiences! Through hard work, love, and dedication, these products have been perfected over the years with the intention of delivering a taste of home to our Canadian-kababayans, and hopes of sharing authentic Filipino cuisine to the rest of the world. From our family to yours, we hope you have as much fun indulging in our Porkie’s products as we did making them!



Our classic recipe since ‘99! We use our homemade blend of seasonings to deliver outstanding taste and texture to this classic Filipino snack.



For garlic lovers everywhere! Our garlic-infused blend adds subtle hints of garlic to our classic recipe.

Salt 'n' Vinegar


If you don’t dunk your chicharon in suka (vinegar), are you really eating chicharon? Our Salt ‘N’ Vinegar chips are made with just the right amount of tang to compliment our robust flavours for extra enjoyment in every bite!

With Meat


There’s more to love with these fattier cuts! Our Chicharon with Meat boasts the signature crunch you know and love with a rich velvety under layer of fat.

Mini Bite Size

IMG_0380 copy.jpg

Bite-sized pieces, same great taste. Our mini-bite size bags are perfect for snacking, each piece ready to deliver loads of flavour!

Pork Belly


STRAIGHT from the belly of the beast! For those that yearn the full experience, look no further! Our fried Pork Belly recipe is designed to deliver our signature crunch with a savoury fatty layer that won't let you down

Sisig to Go

Chicharon, Pork Rinds, Sisig

Instant Pulutan! Our classic pork belly bits cut into bite-sized pieces with our signature Suave sauce included. Combine. heat, and add your preferred toppings for Porkie's-style sisig in minutes!

Party Packs


Now these packs know how to party. Our party packs are stuffed with jumbo slices that are perfect for sharing!...or not…


Available in Original or Garlic

Ground Chicharon

Chicharon, Pork Rinds, Palabok

Ground to perfection to use as a topping on noodles, soups, and various other dishes, for extra crunch in every meal!

Porkie's Sauces


Don't sleep on these sauces! Not only are they the perfect pairing to your favourite Porkie's snack; enjoy them with salads, barbecued meats, and more!

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